Yuna Encourages Us To 'Dance Like Nobody's Watching'

There's a sweet, earnest feeling that comes with the music of Yuna. Perhaps it's because the Malaysian star always pens honest lyrics that speak to whatever emotion she wants to convey in that moment. It could also be because she knows her way around creating music that moves us while making us move. The latter is certainly the case when it comes to her latest single, "Dance Like Nobody's Watching."

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The singer-songwriter teams with producer Jordan Reyes on the track, who lays a chilled, minimal groove that involves ambient synths and mellowed percussion that are perfect to two-step to. Yuna then supplies the song with its emotional heart. She sings of turning to music when all seems to be falling apart. "'Cause when the tears are falling / Heart is breaking / Love is fading / Let the music in," she sings before cooing the song's title as a subtle demand on the chorus.

"[I wrote the song] a couple of years ago," the singer told PAPER. "'Dance Like Nobody's Watching' is a song about embracing one's self. No matter what is going on you are truly doing you and not really caring what anyone else thinks. It's a song about self-care and self-love... this song has a timeless groove to it."

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"Dance Like Nobody's Watching" is the third single from Yuna this year following "Stay Where You Are" and "Invisible." Though the newly indie singer hasn't officially announced a new project, we expect that there's more to come from her in 2021.

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