Will Gittens Wants To Know All Your Stats On ‘Zodiac (This Is My Age)’

It’s been a few years since Will Gittens got our Bounce-Worthy stamp of approval, and the singer/songwriter/musician has lived up to the designation during that time. He’s released numerous singles and videos (and racked up spins and views), delivered many more dope covers (which are what first put him on the radar of many), wrote songs for other artists (including Trey Songz) and grown his following on social media to enviable numbers. Like many of us have in 2020, Gittens has found a new home on TikTok where he’s been sharing a lot of his musical creations. Back in October, the talented musician posted a video to TikTok of him singing a catchy tune he made up while some of his personal information popped up on screen. Lo and behold, the video took off on TikTok with other users using the audio in their own videos and sharing their personal stats. Will saw that he was on to something and decided to create a whole song from that quick snippet, and his new single “Zodiac (This Is My Age)” was born.

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For the “Zodiac (This Is My Age)” single, Gittens fleshes out the lyrics and expands upon his guitar riff, adding thumping trap drums and bass to the mix. His original lyrics become the chorus here, as he sings, “This is my age, this is my sign / This where I live and what I like / This where I’m from and what I do / This what I love, how about you?” running down all his facts and figures. He’s singing to a young lady who he’s trying to take down and has answers for all of her questions. Will willingly shares all of his info, but he wants something in return. “I don’t care about those signs / You know I got what you like / All I need between them thighs,” he croons, letting her know that he’s tired of doing all the talking.

We don’t see ourselves getting tired of Will Gittens’ “Zodiac (This Is My Age)” anytime soon. He reverse-engineered a whole bop, and for that alone, he gets mad props. Get into “Zodiac (This Is My Age)” and make sure to follow @WillGittens on TikTok and Instagram for more of his musical vibes.

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