Steve Lacy Hits A High Note With ‘The Lo-Fis’ Album

We all breathed a collective sigh of relief when Steve Lacy walked away after a tragic car accident this past summer. Enduring such a traumatic experience usually causes one to think back over their life, and Steve’s reflection sent him digging in his own crates. His latest album, The Lo-Fis, is a collection of previously unreleased demos, SoundCloud classics and instrumentals he created while still in high school. Though not his most polished work, as indicated by the project’s title, the true genius of Lacy shines through it all.

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Topping out at just 25 minutes, all 15 tracks exude the experimental energy of a fearless and extremely talented teen far ahead of his time. While longtime fans will remember tracks like “That’s No Fun” and “Cocky Girl,” the casual listener will have a hard time deciphering between his earlier work and the newly created demos. Once again, this speaks to Lacy’s ability to continuously evolve while staying true to his gift. This latest compilation covers a range of both emotions and tempos and truly has something for everyone. While tracks like the “Atomic Vomit” and “Out Of Me Head” left us grasping for more, we are especially interested to see what becomes of the standout instrumentals, including the groovy “Bar. 16” and “Hummer.” Here’s hoping that Lacy’s walk down memory lane also contains a few embedded previews of what’s to come.

Give Steve Lacy’s The Lo-Fis a spin, and be sure to add the project to your collection from your preferred digital platform.

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