Sinead Harnett & EARTHGANG Ask Us To Come Together In 'Take Me Away'

Photo Credit: Lamont Roberson II

When we first heard "Take Me Away," the latest single from Sinead Harnett, we envisioned a romantic lover's escape as she sang for her lover to take it all away. However, Sinead didn't leave it at that when it came time to deliver the track's video. In fact, she decided to make a bold statement and use her video to call for community and bring attention to the Black Lives Matter movement.

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The video finds Sinead among people of all backgrounds as they unite to find their own common ground to escape to. The concept changes the idea of the song as a romantic track to one that showcases a sense of communal love. It also changes the vibe of the verse we get from featured guest Johnny Venus (aka Olu) of EARTHGANG fame, making it seem like more of a pledge to humanity than one of undying devotion to his lover. What's most powerful about the clip, though, is that Sinead gives its final moments to let Black voices be heard as they ponder what the future of the world could look like.

"This year taught us more than we maybe knew was fathomable. It taught me how messed up the world really is," Sinead said of what inspired the video's creative direction in a press statement. "But it taught me about what truly matters. Equality, love, peace, and hope. This video was a chance to illustrate escapism, to empower, to feel free. Directed by Andre Muir, who took time and care to create a piece that was about more than just the song, but also the times we're living in. And to my friend Johnny Venus, thank you for adding your magic and wonder."

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Watch Sinead Harnett and Johnny Venus bring awareness with their escapism when you press play.

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