Samm Henshaw Offers Us A Jam That's 'All Good'

When we last caught up with British artist Samm Henshaw, the Bounce-Worthy alum killed on his COLORS debut with songs "Thoughts And Prayers" and "Still Broke." He now brings us more new music before this year is up with his brand new single "All Good."

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The mood of "All Good" is pretty much summed up in its title. But trust us that you'll want to dive into what Samm is bringing this time around. He backs up the advertised good vibes with production that gives us his signature take on soul — which mixes in elements of hip-hop, jazz and gospel — while emphasizing the good things in life. The opening verse of the song finds him pointing out a few of the things in life that could stress him out. He's found joy by the time the triumphant chorus comes around, with him exuberantly singing, "It's all good baby / Just think I need to loosen up," as the horns and choir vocals take us to church.

Inspiration for the song, surprisingly, came from a photo of a smiling dog. He goes into detail about that and the process of creating that song in a special video for Samsung. "You know what you want someone else to feel when they hear the song," he says in the featurette. "And so everything that comes into that is just based off of that feeling." Seeing as we automatically have a smile on our face while listening to "All Good," we say Samm's mission is accomplished.

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Get yourself some good vibes going when you press play. After that, stick around to watch Samm Henshaw walk you through his process.

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