Rob Milton & B. Slade Come Together For Their ‘End’

It’d be impossible to overstate just how impressed we are with Rob Milton and his nonstop grind. It seems like every time we turn around, our fam has a new project or single rolling our way. He already dropped his amazing EP Love Games just under two months ago and he’s already back with another brand new single. This isn’t just any single though, as Rob has teamed up with industry legend and vocal powerhouse B. Slade for their new duet “End.”

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Like most of Rob’s work, “End” has an experimental sound heavily influenced by ’80s R&B. This time around, the production is driven by synth and slowly percolating programmed drums that keep the groove of the song simmering. From there, Rob and B. Slade create a little vocal magic as they ponder ways to heal what’s been broken in order to move forward in love. “How can you mend a broken heart / And then break it in the same breath?” they ask on the song’s chorus. “How can we live and love again? / Will this last until the world ends?” Their impassioned pleas combined with the icy synth notes make for an interesting combination that highlights how nicely their voices complement one another, making this yet another song from Rob that will find its way into our permanent collections.

Knowing Rob, we’re sure he was more than ecstatic to make this collaboration come true and the end result is really something to be proud of. Check out Rob Milton and B. Slade collaborating for the first of what we sure will be many more times when you press play below and then do him a solid by picking up the single on iTunes or Amazon.

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