Monica Brings Out Goonica To Get In The 'Trenches' With Lil Baby

We always knew Monica was a little hood. Hell, she even put out a song called "Too Hood" back in the day and threatened to "kick down your doors and smack your chick" just to show that she wasn't having it on "So Gone." However, she always seemed a little reluctant to embrace the "Goonica" label that fans placed upon her shoulders. Until now, that is. She finally fully embraces her thuggish, ruggish persona with the release of the video for her current single "Trenches."

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"Trenches" is all about holding her man down no matter what. Our girl Mo plays a true ride or die chick as she throws a welcome home party for a homie getting out of prison after serving his time. While that celebration is more than enough to show her loyalty, the singer goes the extra mile by going after a couple of snitches the ski mask way. She rounds up the offending "friends" and brings them to the song's featured guest Lil Baby to face the music. Though we're not explicitly shown how they are dispatched, we can only assume that they meet a most unfortunate fate for crossing Miss Thang herself.

Speaking of "Trenches," Monica made sure to include the song in a medley of her hits while performing at this year's Soul Train Awards. Though Goonica was seemingly left at home, Monica brought her brilliant talent while accepting the Lady Of Soul Award with a powerhouse performance that showed just how much she'd grown from the strong-voiced teenager we first met in 1995. She even showed off a few other skills by sitting down at the piano to tickle the ivories for "Angel Of Mine."

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Whether she's showing off her hood side or giving a classy retrospective, we're always here for Monica. Check her out doing her thing in the "Trenches" video and on the Soul Train Awards stage when you press play below.

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