Kindred The Family Soul Is Here To Remind Us Of ‘The Best Things’ In Life

Thanksgiving has come and gone, but there always a reason to be thankful. One of the things we’re most thankful for is the return of Kindred The Family Soul. We last had new music from the husband-wife duo when they dropped their 2016 album Legacy Of Love. They are back on the scene now and still spreading their message of love and positivity with their latest single “The Best Things.”

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“The Best Things” points out all that’s right in a climate where things can seem overwhelmingly negative. Produced by Vidal Davis, the track finds the duo singing on the importance of cherishing the life you have. “Loving day to day / These are the best things / All I want to share / These are the best things,” they sing on the song’s chorus. “I don’t want to miss a minute / All the moments wrapped up in it / The gift of life that’s chosen just for me.” Helping convey this important sentiment is smooth production led by a dreamy guitar and centered by a warm bass line and powerful kick drum to add a little bit of knock.

Of course, with a new single comes expectations of a new album. We’d normally jump that conclusion as well, but we think we’re going to take a page out of their book and enjoy what Kindred The Family Soul is bringing at this exact moment. Join us in reveling in “The Best Things” when you press play.

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