Kaytranada & Lucky Daye Are Involved In A Cinematic Thriller In 'Look Easy'

Kaytranada made sure to keep us moving in 2020 with his 2019 album BUBBA and its accompanying instrumental version. He's also made sure to give us a few interesting visuals to watch while we dance. The last one that we got from Kaytra was the eerie clip for "The Worst In Me" that found Tinashe sinking her fangs into a supernatural role. Now the producer gives us a crime thriller for the Lucky Daye-featuring "Look Easy."

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The video is truly a short film that takes us into a seedy operation. We see a group of Asian men who kidnap a woman and hold her captive and unconscious in the back seat of a car. That plan soon goes awry, though, when the woman wakes up and...um..."subdues" her kidnappers with a few quick gunshots. She then makes her way to a club under the groove of the Kaytra track before pulling out her pistol again and making it sing like Lucky on the verse. We're then taken into a room with a group of men who make a call to Kaytranada himself to tell him they've lost "the girl." The girl in question seems to be our femme fatale, who makes her presence known with a few more head shots (and not the photographic kind) while Kaytra and Lucky listen on the other end.

We don't know about y'all, but we are on the edge of our seats. It goes without saying that we'd definitely watch this if they ever decided to expand this short into a full-length feature. Alas, they make the best of the clip's just-under-six-minute runtime and keep us riveted while doing so.

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Watch Kaytra and Lucky get cinematic with it when you press play.

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