Joyce Wrice Is Feeling ‘So So Sick’ Of Love

Songstress Joyce Wrice has had us ready to fall in love ever since we first heard her back in 2016 on her single “Rocket Science.” Since then, she’s been consistent in delivering quality singles that showcase her unique brand of R&B. She continues doing just that with the release of her newest joint “So So Sick.”

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“So So Sick” is produced by in-demand producer D’Mile and features a sample of Jon B.‘s “They Don’t Know.” While that quick vocal sample adds a slight ’90s R&B flair to the proceedings, the breezy feel of the track belies the romantic frustration of the lyrics. “You got me going in circles / Got me doing things I don’t be doing,” she sings on the opening verse. “Can’t help but feel a way / How could you not want me / And still move like we’re together?” She’s done playing games and feeling lovesick, however, opting to move on and live her best life without her hesitant lover and leaving him to be the one feeling sick.

“The actual lyrics came about through a conversation I was having with one of my favorite songwriters, Daniel Church,” Joyce said of the song’s creation in a press release. “Most of the songs we make come from my personal experiences and at the time I was feeling really hurt and down about a dude I really liked but he only wanted me at his own convenience.”

It’s a feeling and situation we’re sure anyone who’s experienced a seemingly one-sided love affair can relate to. And with its easy, breezy feel, it’s a jam that leaves you feeling relieved rather than aggrieved — and who can knock that?

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Get into the latest from Joyce Wrice when you press play, and then pick up your own copy from your digital retailer of choice.

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