dvsn To Share New Musical 'Blessings' On Deluxe Edition Of 'A Muse In Her Feelings'

Photo Credit: Joshua Hyde

Toronto’s dynamic duo dvsn is blessing us with good news and new music this holiday season. Fans will be happy to know that they are re-releasing their critically acclaimed album, A Muse In Her In Feelings, with the updated title, Amusing Her Feelings. Along with the tracks you already know and love, the special deluxe version will also feature four new songs, including the new single “Blessings.”

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Daniel Daley and Nineteen85 describe “Blessings” as "gospel-inspired," but don't be deceived – this is not a church hymn, it is still a dvsn track. You might initially be fooled by the intro sample of a gospel song, but Daley soon makes it clear that he's singing about pleasures of the flesh when he ends the first verse with the lyric, "You lifted up my burden with that ass." dvsn continues blending the spiritual with the carnal throughout "Blessings." They sing about making a commitment and making whoopie. "When we get married, won't have to feel no shame / Wouldn't be tripping when we calling His name / She keep saying 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!' / Then I be saying 'Jesus! Jesus! Jesus!'” While we’re not sure how we feel about taking the Lord’s name in ecstasy, we can’t deny this is a cleverly written bedroom bop.

Amusing Her Feelings will be available in January 2021, although an exact release date hasn't been set yet. Until then, click play and get a taste of the “Blessings” dvsn has coming our way in the new year.

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