Trey Songz & Ty Dolla $ign Want To Know If You're Available 'On Call'

When you’re an international star traveling the world like Trey Songz and Ty Dolla $ign, you’re not necessarily looking for Mrs. Right – more like Mrs. Right Now. You need someone who’s down with the get down with only a few moment's notice and only for one night. In "On Call," the fellas spit their best game to get the ladies to go from their mentions to their hotel suite.

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The booty call ballad starts with Trey Songz using his favorite social media app to find his chick for the night, singing, "Hit you with a few likes / Do I have your attention? / I know it's after midnight / But I just seen you in my mentions." Ty is on the same vibe, letting a chick know he’s on the way as soon as he touches down, with promises of making her famous.

The visual for “On Call” continues the home video motif of Trey’s current videos. The clip starts with Trey in the studio laying down some tracks, while also hitting up someone on Instagram. Next, we see a young woman hop in her whip with her spinnanight bag heading to Trey’s place. On the second verse, we see something similar from Ty, also in the studio and hanging in the club. As the clip progresses, we see the young woman show up to Trey’s hotel, strip down and join him in bed for bible study.

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“On Call” is the latest single from Trey’s new album, Back Home. It follows up previous singles “Circles,” “2020 Riots: How Many Times,” “I Know A Love” and the title track with Summer Walker.

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