Tank And The Bangas Shows Us How New Orleans Parties In ‘To Be Real’

If you’ve ever ventured to New Orleans, then you know the city knows how to party. If anyone could capture that energy and spirit in a visual form, it’s Tank And The Bangas. The group paid tribute to the bounce, soul and jazz of their hometown with their single “To Be Real,” and they bring it to life in the song’s music video.

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The video takes us to the party, both indoors and outdoors, as the crew gets things started everywhere they go. They’ve got their red cups ready and even have their own twerk team on hand in the clip as they make the rounds and bring the jam wherever they go. Though that might seem like a thin premise, they turn in into the most fun we’ve seen in a video in a minute. When they aren’t making butts move to their groove, they give the song’s featured guests HaSizzleKeedy Black and Big Choo the aux cord to showcase their own party-starting talents as the good times keep rolling.

“To Be Real” is just the start of the fun to be had on their new EP Friend Goals, which dropped this past Friday (November 20th). You can pick up the set from the digital retailer of your choice, but first, check out New Orleans showing out like only New Orleans can in “To Be Real” when you press play.

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