Mara TK & Xenia Manasseh Find Their Creative Flow With ‘Met At The River’

We first met singer-songwriter Mara TK as the lead singer of Electric Wire Hustle. He’s once again stepping out on his own with a solo album due out next year. To introduce us to the project, he’s partnered with singer Xeniah Manasseh for his new single “Met At The River.”

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Similar to his other solo work, “Met At The River” marries his poetic lyrics with a unique musical sensibility. It begins with a beautiful piano piece on which Xenia sings and is joined by Mara. “Met at the river / The water was neon / My heart mutated / Into a trillion silicon chips when we dipped / I could feel your pain / Before I knew your name / Living on the knife edge cut off the nerves to the brain / Changed so many things,” she sings. The song then changes, morphing into a moody, experimental R&B sound with echo-y piano and drums mingling with their two voices as they sing about love taking its course until the inevitable end.

“This song took ten years to write because that was the life span of meeting someone wonderful, making babies and then f**king it all up — and finally feeling like you are all gonna be straight after all that s**t,” Mara said in a press release. “This song was therapy that didn’t cost me $200 an hour.”

Though his new project remains untitled for now, you can expect more from “Met At The River” came from. Until then, you can purchase the song from a digital retailer and experience the latest from Mara TK and its trippy visual when you press play below.

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