KIRBY & D Smoke Honor Black Excellence With ‘Superpower’

Before everything went crazy, we were blessed by the talent that is KIRBY and her debut EP Sis. The singer hasn’t stopped wowing us since, even offering up a couple remixes as the year has progressed. But we get the sense that KIRBY has more to give. That could be because she returned with a funky new track for us to enjoy called “Superpower.”

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“Superpower” is a declaration of love and admiration of Blackness. “My nose wide as the Red Sea / Lips full / Fillers don’t feel me,” she sings on the first verse, praising the boldness and beauty that being Black entails. Guest D Smoke is also on hand to kick a verse about what it means to be a Black man in America, including a nod to Trayvon Martin and references to a few comic characters while speaking on the power of our resilience.

“I wonder who I would be, had I grown up believing that being Black is a superpower… Believing that instead of capes, we were given skin that’s so varied and complex; we can be dark as the night or bright as the sun,” she told Wonderland. about the song. “This song is for the melanated superheroes who walk this earth. Your skin is not your burden, your skin is not your curse, your skin is not your choice, BUT it is your Superpower.”

Get into the magic that KIRBY and D Smoke have created together when you press play.

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