Kelly Rowland Drives Us ‘Crazy’ With A Lyric Video

How many times have you listened to “Crazy”? The latest from Kelly Rowland has been in constant rotation here at SBHQ as we burn up our rugs dancing to the disco-inspired tune. While we would love a video for the track, we know that social distancing (plus her mother-to-be status) would probably prevent us from getting one any time soon. She satisfies our need for dynamic visuals by dropping of a glitzy lyric video for the track that picks up on the song’s Studio 54 vibes.

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The lyric video begins with spinning gold disco balls before we see Kelly’s lovely visage grace our screens. The photos are from the gorgeous photoshoot that Kelly did for the single’s cover. That means we get to see her rocking the hell out of that jeweled headpiece as multicolored lights bounce off her radiant skin. A bit of post-production glitter and shine is also involved as the lyric video evokes the feeling of a night out in the ’70s and early ’80s. Of course, we also get a look at the lyrics, which confirms some of the four-letter musings we thought we heard and helps us sing along while we two step to Kelly’s latest jam.

We’re still holding out hope that Kelly will deliver a proper visual for “Crazy.” But if she doesn’t, this extravagant lyric video will do just fine. Learn the lyrics to your new favorite Kelly Rowland tune when you press play.

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