Good Girl Hits The Streets Of Philly In ‘Hot Ride’

Philadelphia might be the City of Brotherly Love (and the place that helped save our democracy in the recent election), but it’s also the place where sisters like the ladies of Good Girl are doing it for themselves. The ladies, who caught our eyes and ears with their single “I Can Be Yours,” recently dropped their new EP Good Girl. And to show off what they’re bringing on the set, they also dropped a video for their single “Hot Ride.”

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“Hot Ride” is all about getting hot and heavy in the backseat of your ride, which the quartet sings about with reckless abandon over the trap & B groove. They’re all about catching the vibe and cutting up in a Mercedes E-Class while getting their ride on (take that to mean what you will). For the video, the girls pile into their drop-top while cruising down the streets of their beloved Philly. The ladies, color coordinated down to their hair follicles, are ready to act up and act out as they have fun alongside each other. Eventually, they ditch the car so that they can dance in the streets while flirting with locals and proving they are ride-or-die chicks.

Good Girl’s Good Girl is full of tracks with a similar feel to “Hot Ride” that are sure to get your motors running. Check out the video for “Hot Ride” below and then stick around to stream their new EP in full.

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