Usher Links Up With Marshmello & Imanbek To Show That It’s Never ‘Too Much’

Usher is no stranger to the dance floor or creating songs that have us running to the nearest one. He will take you from a smooth two-step with a song like “U Remind Me” to sweating the starch outta your clothes to “Yeah.” He’s even dibbled and dabbled in straight-up dance music like on his hit “OMG” with and David Guetta‘s international smash “Without You.” Well, get your glowsticks ready for Usher’s latest foray into dance music with masked DJs/producers Marshmello and Imanbek on the infectious track “Too Much.”

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“Too Much” is an upbeat electro-pop jam where Usher lets his girl know that he’s got her back through everything. “I can take the weight off, weight off of your shoulders / I don’t care what hour, if it’s rain or shower / Whatever you ask of me, you don’t have you worry,” Ursh convincingly sings on the pre-chorus. Marshmello and Imanbek collaborate on the thumping groove, giving Usher ample space and opportunity to flex his buttery vocals.

In addition to the new groove to make you move, the trio dropped a music video for “Too Much.” At the start of the visual, we see Usher walking up to his truck when he hears a young woman scream in the dark. He runs to her rescue, but it’s is too late save her from the thugs dragging her away. The only clue left at the crime scene is a pair of futuristic glasses. He puts them on and finds himself inside the body of Marshmello (well, a virtual reality game robot version of the DJ), in the secret lair where the woman is being held captive. In order to rescue her, he has to battle brutes in a cage match, escape ruthless thugs and go on a high-speed chase in a toy sports car. Will he get the girl? Well, yes and no. We’ll let you watch the video to see how it all plays out.

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