The Hamiltones Share A 'Message To America'

The Hamiltones recently dropped their most political and provocative project yet with their stellar 1964 EP. Named 1964 to commemorate The Civil Rights Act of 1964 and released on August 28th to pay homage to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.'s "I Have A Dream" speech in 1963 and Emmett Till's murder in 1955, the EP is also the trio's ambitious response to the times we're living in by way of their signature soul.

That soul can be heard on their single "Message To America," which is the latest to get a music video. The Hamiltones keep it light and give us a clip with a throwback feel to match the tone of the song. 2E, J.Vito and Tony Lelo are the musical guests on the fictional TV program The Billie Lennox Show hosted by Andreao "Fanatic" Heard's alter ego Billie Lennox. After a brief introduction by Lennox, the fellas step to the mic to let their souls glow. Dressed to impress in black suits, The Hamiltones are literally matching from head to toe, and their harmonies are equally on point. Sadly, their performance is over almost as soon as it starts, leaving us wanting so much more.

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We're crossing our fingers that The Hamiltones do in fact have more visuals on the way from 1964 to keep this important project top of mind.

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