Joya Mooi Encourages Listeners To ‘Blossom Carefully’ On New EP

Being stuck at home for most of the year has forced us to be more intentional about how we spend our time. For us here at SoulBounce, that means getting reacquainted with Bounce-Worthy artists like Joya Mooi. It’s been awhile since we caught up with the Afro-Dutch singer-songwriter, but when we heard that she just dropped Blossom Carefully, there was no doubt the new EP would be worth a listen.

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With the help of producers Sim Fane, Blazehoven and SIROJ, Ms. Mooi offers listeners a six-track collection that fuses hip-hop, soul and alt-R&B with haunting chords and ambient sounds. These complex arrangements house thoughtful lyrics focused on the importance of identity, hope and freedom. In other words, Blossom Carefully is an entire mood.

In speaking of the project, Joya explains, “Normally when I create, I tend to reflect on the past. But for my EP, I wanted to connect, to go somewhere I haven’t been. Drawing inspiration from spiritual, social and political themes and personal stories, but mostly my own imagination in order to envision my wishes for the future. On Blossom Carefully, I feel like I have constructed a reality where I can be free.”

Whether owning imperfections on “Bitter Parts,” being unapologetic and fierce on “Good Girl” or expressing vulnerability on “Hold You Tight,” Joya isn’t afraid to express herself. While those songs were released as singles throughout the year, this feeling of unrestraint infuses the new songs as well – from the affecting title track to the emotional closing tune “Hour Left.”

Scroll down to preview Blossom Carefully and watch the current visuals for “Good Girl” (directed by Natalie Wilson), “Bitter Parts” (directed by Michael Middelkoop) and “Hold You Tight” (directed by Jacob Creach). Afterwards, support Joya Mooi by downloading the EP and keeping up with her on Twitter and IG.

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