Ella Mai Is Back On The Solo Tip With 'Not Another Love Song'

Photo: Brandon Xay

Ella Mai was hovering on the R&B radar for a while before blowing up with her mega-hit “Boo’d Up.” Since then, her name and song lyrics have been on the tongues of fans and casual listeners everywhere. Now the singer is back and ready to upgrade her sound and fury with a new single, “Not Another Love Song.” Ella shared with Variety that the song is, “definitely not too far off of what you’ve heard from me before, but it’s a more mature version of myself.”

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Getting her grown woman on, “Not Another Love Song” is a song about falling in love but not wanting to admit it. Co-written with Varren Wade, Ella explores her own feelings and wonders if she’s truly in love, lust or something in between. "Deep in, swimmin’ in my feelings / I’ve been here before, but it feels like I’m drownin’ / Sinkin’, am I overthinkin’?” she ponders on the chorus. Her distress is brought to life over a mid-tempo beat kept by programmed drums, sped-up vocal sample and keys courtesy of producers Boi-1da, Jahaam Sweet and The Rascals.

It’s been two years since Ella Mai dropped her self-titled debut album, which featured other jams like “Trip” and “Shot Clock,” and we’re ready to hear all that she has to offer on her sophomore project.

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