Christian Kuria Can't Escape Emotion On 'Enemy' & 'Toroka'

Following the release of his debut project Borderline earlier this year, multifaceted singer/songwriter/producer/multi-instrumentalist Christian Kuria gifts fans with a double dose of his signature sound as 2020 winds down.

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The first of his new singles is “Enemy,” a catchy mid-tempo groove running over with regret from a relationship gone wrong. Though he’s unsure of the role he played in the breakdown, he holds himself accountable and is emotionally transparent as he admits, “I don’t think you know what it do to me / Been a people pleaser since zero three / Girl, you make me feel like an enemy / I know it’ll kill me eventually.”

His second new drop is entitled “Toroka,” and it's an equally revealing track chock full of all the feels. A Swahili word for “escape,” “Toroka” tackles his attempt to avoid the inevitable, only to realize that facing the painful truth is often required for growth. He explains, “Toroka’ is about trying to evade issues or fears that, deep down, you know you have no choice but to confront at some point.” Having battled with anxiety most of his life, he says being Black in America has intensified this issue. He says, “It sometimes can feel like we can simply ‘escape’ certain parts of ourselves by ignoring or outgrowing them, but some of those issues stick with us through life. They become our baggage. I wanted to capture that feeling of denial.”

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Get lost in the visualizers for "Enemy" and "Toroka" by Christian Kuria right here then add both tracks to your collection from your preferred digital platform. If you haven’t already, give his Borderline EP a listen, and keep an eye out for more from this talented artist.

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