Yuna Laments Unrequited Love With ‘Invisible’

Some of our faves have been tapping into their creativity during this pandemic. That includes the lovely Yuna, who’s been keeping us afloat during quarantine with singles like the unifying “Stay Where You Are.” She’s sharing a little more of her work now with the release of her latest single, “Invisible.”

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The Malaysian singer-songwriter goes back to her roots for the new cut, which she admits she wrote on her ukulele at 1 a.m. during one of the many nights of the quarantine. The end result is, of course, more fleshed out than one woman and her ukulele, though. Keys, guitar and sure and steady drums drive the track as she approaches subject matter to which many should be able to relate. “You my baby / I keep thinking maybe one day / I can make you see me / As more than just a friend,” she sings on the bridge before lamenting her plight on the chorus. Though it obviously pains her a bit to be stuck in what seems to be a one-sided love affair, Yuna offers a sweet, tender vocal that feels light, airy and effortless. In other words, this is a very enjoyable listen.

The singer’s current output doesn’t seem to be any indication that she’s crafting a follow-up to last year’s Rouge. But with all this time to work on her creative endeavors, who knows what she might have in store.

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