The Shindellas Refuse To Be Prisoners Of 'Fear'

With authentic lyrics, pristine vocals and harmonies that deliver chills, it's not surprising that The Shindellas have continued to expand their fanbase during the pandemic. These truth-telling divas have a penchant for using their #BlackGirlMagic to spread love and light with style, grace and a generous helping of honesty. Their newest single, "Fear Has No Place," is just another example of their special talents. And though it dropped earlier this summer, the visuals for the empowering anthem have just been released and they are right on time.

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The song itself is a motivational anthem designed to bring positive vibes and self-empowerment, particularly among women. As The Shindellas explain, "Our mission is to celebrate womanhood and be disciples of self-love and self-acceptance. We as individuals were a movement, but together we’re an unstoppable force. That’s the magic of sisterhood.” This concept is powerful enough on its own. But it hits differently after witnessing the bold visuals directed by their Weirdo Workshop sister Nina "Teapot" Owens.

The clip starts with a soundbite of a profound quote by Nina Simone before Kasi Jones steps in with an inspiring pep talk. The baton is then passed to  Tamara Chauniece, followed by Stacy Johnson as they warn all forms of negativity to, "Get out my way!" With alternating backdrops of a forest, a creek and plantation-style real estate, the ladies serve up three distinct looks – stunning in vintage Sunday best, glamorous catsuits and African-print couture. A mix of choreographed poses and freestyle movement further accentuate the visual statement. Towards the end, Kasi delivers a stern rebuke with the fire of our ancestors coursing through her veins (Go off, sis!) before the video ends with a dynamic quote by Caroline Randall Williams.

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“We hope that this song speaks to the women who want to start their own business but don’t feel encouraged, for the woman asking for equal pay and for Kamala Harris who may one day be helping to run this country,” The Shindellas revealed via press release. “We all face obstacles and setbacks but fear can’t be part of the equation to move forward to lead on the road to greatness.” We receive this word and encourage you to do the same.

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