Summer Walker Blooms On ‘The Tonight Show’ With ‘Body’

Quarantine performances are an unexpected side effect of this seemingly endless pandemic. While they started out as literally phoned in affairs, these months have given way to some very creative presentations. Summer Walker exemplified this on Monday when she was the featured musical guest on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon. She decided to knock late night’s socks off with a performance of “Body.”

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For the set, she put on her tightest green vinyl dress and walked into a loft filled with gorgeous pink, red, purple and white flowers. The lovely set up gave her performance a dream-like feel as she launched into the Over It track with a full band. The shy singer blossomed during the performance, giving us all kinds of feels as sh delivered the ballad with a confidence that she doesn’t always give onstage. However, with this and her recent appearance on the BET Awards, it seems that Summer might be getting into her performance bag as she grows into her artistry more and more.

We know that these days and times are all seeming to stretch and grow into one another in ways that we are just not accustomed to. Thankfully there are artists like Summer Walker who are giving us art to make things feel just a little bit better. Check out Summer doing the damn thing when you press play.

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