DJ Jazzy Jeff, Eric Roberson & Kaidi Tatham Want To ‘Cancel 2020’

2020 has proven to be nothing like we imagined. From untimely high profile deaths to a global pandemic to the continuance of police brutality and the Trump of it all, this year has been straight up trash. As a matter of fact, we kinda just want to return this year to sender via Express Mail (you know, before they’re done dismantling the postal system as we know it). If you feel this way as well, know that you’re not alone. As a matter of fact, DJ Jazzy JeffEric Roberson and Kaidi Tatham have gotten together to document this terrible, horrible, no good, very bad year with their new track “Cancel 2020.”

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Jazzy Jeff and Kaidi Tatham lay down a jazzy neo-soul groove on the song, with soft chords and mellow synths that offer an introspective vibe to the affair. Erro then does what he does best, crafting a song out of current events as he ponders all that we’ve lost and the many obstacles we’re facing. “Dear cancel culture, can we cancel this whole year?” he asks on the chorus. “Maybe just wake up and it all disappears.” The verses find Erro flowing as he chronicles the lows that 2020 has dealt us. Of course there’s COVID, but he also checks the passing of legends like Kobe BryantBill Withers and Chadwick Boseman. He then gets more personal as he relates things to his father and those countless names that we’ve lost to police violence.

It would be easy for a song like “Cancel 2020” to focus on the negative, but thankfully it’s infused with a bit of hope as well. Erro pleads that we learn to work through the the pain of it all and muses that the lows that we’re experiencing might just be a set up for bright future. Let’s hope that he’s right about that one. You can check out the collaborative track below and get into the lyric video so you can sing along to what’s sure to be our national anthem come December 31st.

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