Tiana Major9 Dances To Beat Of Her Desires In 'Think About You (Notion Mix)' From New EP 'At Sixes And Sevens'

Tiana Major9 has love on the brain and a song in her heart on her single "Think About You (Notion Mix)." And in the recently-released music video for the track, she channels those emotions into some cute dance moves for director Rik Burnell's camera. Throughout the video we see scenes of Tiana swaying, wining up her waist and bopping to the reggae-tinged beat on a soundstage and outdoors as she sings of a fine young thing whom she just can't get off of her mind. As the song goes, they met when she was dancing by herself at a party and this cutie rolled up on her from behind. Tiana turned around and was instantly smitten. They connected, but she wants so much than they're giving her, so her love remains unrequited and only in her mind.

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Earlier this month, Tiana Major9 released her EP At Sixes And Sevens on Motown Records, and her official major label debut has been an impressive addition to our playlists and music collections. That should come as no surprise, however, as the British-Jamaican chanteuse has been making ripples on the music scene across the pond for several years before she was properly introduced to U.S. audiences with the EARTHGANG collaboration "Collide" last year. Of course, that song is on the EP alongside "Think About You (Notion Mix)," but those aren't the only standout cuts on the project.

She pours her heart into the soaring ballad "...Exclusively," letting the one who she's fallen for know that she's ready to make their relationship real. Later, on "Real Affair" she brings '90s hip hop-soul vibes while singing about her love for Mary Jane, her coping mechanism when the one she really wants isn't there. She ends the EP on a '90s R&B tip with the slow jam "Same Space" about a love that has lost its shine and trying to make sense of the space they're in. The interludes included on At Sixes And Sevens are more like affirmations set to music as Tiana manifests love into her life.

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Of the EP's title, Tiana Major9 previously stated that, "To be at Sixes and Sevens means to be at a state of total confusion...Love is confusing,” but there's no confusion to be had about this collection of songs. Tiana has delivered a stellar EP complete with soulful vocals and solid songwriting and production. She's set the bar mighty high with At Sixes And Sevens, but we have no doubt she has so much more to left share and we can't wait to hear what else she has to say.

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