Omarion & T-Pain Dance & Get Loud In ‘Can You Hear Me?’

A lot of things were supposed to happen this year before Miss Rona threw a wrench in our plans. Fans of early 2000s pop/R&B were definitely disappointed when the highly anticipated Millennium Tour got postponed to next year (potentially). We’re sure headliner Omarion was just as crestfallen as he had already began rehearsal for the stadium-packing outing. While that might be sidelined for now, he’s going full-speed ahead when it comes to “Can You Hear Me?” — the single that he dropped at the beginning of the year. Thanks to some inspiration from dancers, he recently released an official video for the track.

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After dancers across the country put together their own video for the track, O decided to go ahead and make it official by adding in some clips of himself getting down to make it really real. The dancers involved get down to the song doing all kinds of moves and tricks to the trap&B groove of the song. Omarion, meanwhile, often appears via split-screen as he sings to the record. Being that the dancers made their own videos, they get most of the shine here. But O also makes sure to get plenty of face time while showing off some of the choreography that he intended to break out for the track while on tour. The only thing that the video lacks is an actual appearance from the track’s featured guest T-Pain. He’s present in voice only, though the dancers more than make up for his absence.

“Can You Hear Me?” is the first single dropped from the singer’s upcoming album Passport. He hasn’t given an official release date for the James Fauntleroy-produced album, but it’s been promised as coming later this year. We’ll see if he lives up to it. Check out the video below.

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