Ledisi Wants You To ‘Wake Up’

We’ve been waiting on Ledisi to play The Wild Card for a few months now. Our wait will soon be over this Friday, though. We’re already pretty excited about it— especially since she’s dropped absolute gems like “Anything For You” and “Where I Am.” But she’s not done giving us thrills just yet. To that effect she drops the latest single from the set with “Wake Up.”

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“Wake Up” finds the soulful singer combing R&B and jazz as she crafts music with an important message. Jazzy keys set the tone, while snare, kick and hi-hat keep the rhythm as Ledisi encourages us to get out of our heads and make a step toward living our lives. “Stand up, wear your crown / Whatever goes can come back ’round / Look up don’t look down / Stay up high, you gotta see your now / Wake up,” she sings on the chorus. The verses meanwhile offer up some encouragement from a non-judgmental place, as she lets us in that this advice is just as much for her as it is for us. Rapper Sa-Roc is also on hand to provide a little extra inspiration and motivation as she talks about her journey and how holding on to just a spark of hope and moving forward can go a long way.

With the world looking the way it does, it might be hard to see what “next” could even look like. We suggest that you take Ledisi’s advice and take hold of your life and dreams. Get this good word from Led and Sa-Roc when you press play, and be sure to get your copy of The Wild Card when it drops on August 28th.

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