Jessie Reyez Is A Beautiful Mess In ‘BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US’

Love will f**k you up. We don’t think there’s a blunter way to put it, but it is the absolute truth. Yes, the feeling can be one of the greatest things you’ll ever experience. When it’s gone, however, it can be the cause of immense pain. That’s why there are probably just as many songs about heartache as there are about falling in love. One recent entry into the heartbreak oeuvre has to be the title track of BEFORE LOVE CAME TO KILL US, the debut from Canadian singer-songwriter Jessie Reyez. Now the heart-wrenching song has received the visual treatment.

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The clip opens with the rising star taking in a lovely view from her apartment. It all seems lovely, but the faded color of the clip reveals a coldness settling in that Jessie then conveys in the song’s lyrics. The theme is continued as we see Jessie in various locations — including wallowing in her pain in a garden of roses, sitting atop the windshield of a moving car and even in a swimming pool as she gets cozy with a guy. Just as it was with her in her apartment, the thrill of each normally exhilarating thing seems to be missing. Perhaps it’s because each scene (minus the pool scene, of course) is devoid of other people, marking the clip with a palpable loneliness that is felt through the screen. Or it might just be that Jessie Reyez plays up heartbreak very well. Either way, she gets the message across and hits us square in the feels in the process.

The visual is beautifully shot and, in turn, captures the messiness the aftermath of love can bring. If you’re dealing with heartbreak at the moment, we recommend grabbing a few tissues and then pressing play.

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