Doja Cat Unleashes Her Undercover ‘Freak’

If you’ve been following Doja Cat, you know our girl loves to troll. Her breakout single “Moo” was an inside joke between her and her fans that ended up becoming an anthem that introduced her music to a wider audience. This time around, she’s playing with our expectations with her new single “Freak.”

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The track samples Paul Anka’s 1959 classic “Put Your Head On My Shoulder,” a slow dance ballad you’d associate with Andy Griffith and sock hops rather than bumping and grinding. The production remains largely the same as the original song, with the addition of a deeper bass line and amplified hi-hats. But it’s Doja Cat’s XXX sweet nothings that make the track such a salacious pleasure. Over the serene sound bed, she coos ever so sweetly, “Freak like me / You want a good girl who does bad things like me.” After giving us breathy notes on the first half of the track, she gives us bars on the second verse, spitting, “Freak like a triple XXX flick, put her on a chain / This p***y off the chain, this kitty insane / I could f**k him in the rain, I could f**k him in the Range / I could f**k him every day, I’ma f**k him ’til he sang.”

According to Ms. Cat’s Twitter, “Freak” is just a little something something to tide us over until she’s ready to unveil a special surprise. While we’ve had quite a few surprises from Doja Cat in the past few months — from her questionable internet browser history to her catching the ‘Rona and getting egg on her face for talking about people being scared to catch the deadly disease — so here’s hoping her next one is something sonically or visually appealing.

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