Tinashe Gets A Remix From ZHU To Help Her ‘Die A Little Bit’

If we didn’t know any better, we’d say Tinashe might be coming out with some sort of remix project. How else can you explain the sudden remixes that we’re getting from her album Songs For You? Last week, she showed us a new way to play “Hopscotch” thanks to a dope remix by THEY. and now she’s revamping “Die A Little Bit” with some help from producer ZHU.

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The original track was our dark and delicious introduction to Tinashe’s indie era, with her airy vocal playing against the rumble of its bass and sparse arrangement to give us a little sonic tension. ZHU doesn’t completely ditch this feel, though he does brighten things a bit. The song opens with organ and synth as it sets the mood for what’s to come. But he didn’t forget what made the track work in the first place. Once the beat drops, you’ll realize that he’s upped the bpm as he brings bubbling low-end bass, drums and hi-hats and sets that afloat on top of a four-on-the-floor rhythm. He dedicates the song’s first two minutes to vocals and the song’s new groove. Then he goes off and sends everything into a frenzy as the synths take over before sliding into some ominous piano chords to allow the song to ride out.

Nasty Nashe once again delivers an all-too-short visual to accompany the drop. This time, though, she’s giving us choreography along with edgy looks and creative use of video. She works it out alongside copies of herself with moves choreographed by Adrian S. Thompkins to match the track’s smokin’ hot new tempo. And just as we’re getting our lives, she ends the video with a kick.

At this rate, we won’t be surprised if there’s another Tinashe remix waiting in our inbox next week. In fact, we’d welcome it. Listen to her latest and then peep the short-but-fierce video below.

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