Shay Lia Searches For Romantic Answers On ‘Love Me, Love Me Not’

2020 has been a great year musically, with a lot of favorites returning to us to provide a soundtrack for these seemingly never-ending months of quarantine. One such artist is Shay Lia, who already gave us a taste of what she’s got cooking with her previous single “All Up To You.” Now she’s back again to give us another taste of her upcoming EP with new single “Love Me, Love Me Not.”

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“Love Me, Love Me Not” finds the songstress wondering exactly what’s going on with a potential lover that seems to be putting her in the friend zone. It’s rare to hear this story from the female perspective, but Shay Lia provides a compelling narrative while showing that women experience the phenomenon, too. Helping her tell her story is dreamy Afropop production that’s filled with wavy guitar chords and swaying rhythm that captures the swooning feeling of wanting to love and be loved but not being given the time of day.

“If this song had a scent, it would be coconut oil mixed with vanilla. I wanted it to feel intimate and soft,” Shay Lia said in a statement. “I was definitely exploratory with this song — I wanted my listeners to feel how sensuality, pleasure and melancholy can blend into the same song and share the experience of being friend-zoned from a woman’s perspective. It happens to us, too, and we should not be afraid to share how it can make us feel! It can be empowering to be vulnerable.”

With two tracks having already been released, we’d imagine that we can expect to see Shay Lia’s EP sooner rather than later. Until then, you can swing and sway with the songstress when you give “Love Me, Love Me Not” a listen.

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