Mya Shows Off Her Down Home Side In ‘Space & Time’

Quarantine got you feeling stuck? Do you want out of your familiar surroundings? Well, we can’t really help you there as we’re also feeling stuck in a rut. But perhaps Mya might be able to provide a cure to what ails you with the sunny and peaceful vibe of her video for “Space & Time.”

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Mya is flying solo in the clip (as she should be since we’re living in the time of social distancing). However, she doesn’t need a group of people to sell the song’s message of taking time for oneself amid the craziness of the world. She’s practicing what she’s preaching in the video by going to what looks like a farm as she does her best country girl impression. She’s rocking lots of denim, flannel and white, flowing fabric in the clip as she sits among nature while taking it all in. While a trip to a more rural area isn’t exactly the ideal everyone is looking for, the tranquility presented in the video is enough to make us want to book a cabin somewhere to unwind for a week or two.

With the way things are going, it’s not looking like many of us will really be able to take the vacations we need any time soon. We can all spare four minutes to let Mya take us away, though. Let her transport you to another place with “Space & Time” when you press play.

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