McClenney & Baby Rose Contemplate Life's Consequences On 'Karma Plays'

For most of late 2019 and 2020, McClenney has been giving us hints and tastes of his as-yet-untitled upcoming project with tracks such as "Black Betty White" and "Get Back." He's been shy about giving us specifics about the project, but he's not afraid to give us more music. So he's now offered up a new track for us to enjoy with the Baby Rose duet "Karma Plays."

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McClenney taps into his old soul tendencies for the ballad, building the song out with electric piano, guitar and bass and pairing it with contemplation about karma and its consequences. "Karma pays but in change / On the dollar for your ways," he sings on the chorus before driving the point home later, repeating, "You gotta change." Baby Rose provides a warbly counterpoint to McClenney's own voice and pronouncements, making this a soulful and raw number that's sure to resonate.

Speaking on the song, which he wrote the majority of last year, McClenney took to Instagram to speak on his process. "I put so much heart into it. I believe this is a moment people will hopefully feel what I felt when I wrote these words and melodies."

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You can check out McClenney and Baby Rose coming together on "Karma Plays" right here and purchase the single from your retailer of choice.

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