Mayer Hawthorne Takes Us Through Some ‘Rare Changes’

Prior to the current pandemic that we’re living through, Mayer Hawthorne was serving up singles left and right at an impressive pace. He slowed things down a bit during the quarantine era, though, switching gears to drop multiple episodes of his Hawthorne Radio and hosting his Wine & Vinyl Hour every Thursday like clockwork. Even with all that going on, he’s still blessing us with newness with the release of his latest single “Rare Changes.”

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“Rare Changes” is another entry in Mayer Hawthorne’s wine-soaked brand of R&B. Led by a catchy guitar riff and piano chords that are reminiscent of a disco-era mid-tempo, the singer-songwriter once again sings of love, though this time he’s looking forward to the moments that occasionally break up the “nothing at all” keeping he and his lady in a very familiar cycle. “Holding hands and / Waiting for the rare changes / To take us out of the loop,” he sings on the chorus. “So romantic / Leavin’ on a vacation / But I’ll be home soon.” Though he might be looking for a thrill, the easy-going groove and his signature falsetto make this one another welcome addition to his musical oeuvre that will be getting many spins from us.

Normally this would be the point where we speculate on whether or not there’s an album on the horizon, but we don’t really care at this point. If Mayer Hawthorne is willing to continue giving us quality one-offs like this, we’ll more than happily crank up the volume and have our own personal dance parties in our living rooms. Give “Rare Changes” a spin when you press play and then pick up your own copy from Mayer’s website.

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