Little Dragon Gets Retrospective In ‘Where You Belong’

We most definitely had Little Dragon on our minds when we thought about all the acts doing big things in 2020. We’re not going to lament anymore on how the ‘rona busted up our groove, but let’s just say we’re ready for 2020 to kick rocks and it’s only July. LD isn’t letting something like COVID-19 stop them from promoting their new album, New Me, Same Us. Rather than a hyper-kinetic video like the ones we’ve become accustomed to from the group, though, they smooth things out with the visual for “Where You Belong.”

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The clip is perhaps one of their most straightforward as it focuses solely on the band while they perform the track with a joy that only comes from working with your friends. Seeing the band move and groove is enough to remind us of happier times when we were able to attend concerts without contracting never-before-heard-of diseases. Apparently it reminded them of the same because the video is also chock full of footage that shows the band during the 13 years we’ve gotten to know them. It reveals the fun that the quartet has had over the years, with much of the content showing them hugging, smiling and laughing as they enjoy each others’ company.

If life were fair, Little Dragon would be performing “Where You Belong” on stages across the globe. However, this smaller and more intimate visual take has us reminiscing about  life pre-COVID and gives us hope that we’ll eventually find our way back to jamming front row at one of their shows

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