Little Dragon Links With FKJ To Give Their ‘Water’ Some New Drip

It’s only been four months since Little Dragon delivered their latest album New Me, Same Us, but you’d be forgiven if it felt like the album dropped a year ago (quarantine time is different, after all). The quartet wants to make sure the set stays fresh in your mind, though. To that effect, they’ve linked up with producer FKJ to remix their album track “Water.”

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“Water,” with its bass-heavy and soulful production, was already a standout on New Me, Same Us. FKJ picks up on the slightly jazzy thread that was quietly woven through the song and runs it through his own style to create a decidedly different affair. The producer’s signature bright production, full of piano and synth, is paired with a floor-rumbling bass that feels like it’s coming from the depths of the sea. Singer Yukimi Nagano‘s vocal is still the focus here, though, and FKJ makes sure of that with flourishes and tricks that expand around it and accent it over the course of the remix’s three-minute runtime.

Being that Little Dragon and FKJ are two international acts whose styles break genre barriers, we’re quite surprised that this is the first time the two are collaborating. However, after hearing the end result, we doubt that it will be the last. Go ahead and get your cup ready, because this “Water” will definitely quench your musical thirst. Pour up when you press play below.

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