Kiana Ledé Gets A Little ‘Crazy’ In The Shower

When the pandemic first hit, songstress Kiana Ledé was one of the first artists to usher in the age of quarantine videos with the release of her clip for “Chocolate.” Since then, we’ve seen a host of clips as artists began flexing their creative muscles to get their visuals out to the world. Kiana isn’t about to be overshadowed, though, as she drops another video from her debut album KIKI with the release of an intimate clip for “Crazy.”

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Like many videos in the quarantine era, “Crazy” keeps it simple with a tight focus on Kiana herself. It opens with a haunting look into her eyes before the camera pans out to reveal her full face. We soon see that the singer is sitting by her lonesome in the shower while fully clothed. It’s a bit uncertain why exactly she chose this setting for the song. A quick scan of the lyrics, though, puts you a bit of into her mind — especially when she sings, “You don’t really know what’s crazy / ‘Til you’ve seen my side of crazy.” It’s a loaded statement that takes the clip from intimate and sexy to slightly disturbing — especially when you pay attention to all she’s describing. Still, she manages to keep us entertained and enthralled simply with her eyes and expressions while the camera lingers over her face and body in the all-too-short clip.

In addition to her brand new video, Kiana Ledé also dropped an acoustic version of “Crazy” in a three-song EP of acoustic tracks from KIKI which is appropriately called KIKI The Acoustics Vol. 1. Peep the video for “Crazy” and listen to the acoustic track below.

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