India.Arie Wants To Get Off Of This 'Rollercoaster'

It's been well over a year since India.Arie released her most recent album Worthy, and she is still churning out singles and videos from the project. Her latest release is a lyric video for "Rollercoaster," and it is right on time, speaking directly to the tumultuous times that we live in.

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India is sick and tired of being sick and tired on "Rollercoaster" as she sings lyrics like, "Every time I turn on the news / I can't seem to tell a lie from the truth," and, "The way they do the human race is a ridiculous crime / And Colin Kaepernick's knee got y'all losin' y'all minds? Come on," in the first verse. Much like Queen Latifah before her, Arie has had it up to here and makes it plain on the chorus. "Let me off this roller coaster / I don't wanna ride no more," she soulfully sings.

For the visual, the words of the song appear on screen with graphics and images that relate to the lyrics flowing in and out in the background, including a roller coaster, of course, by the time the chorus comes around. It's an effective clip that provides a lot of food for thought as you watch the lyrics come to life and become way more real. The lyric video ends with recent footage of protestors holding up signs that read "I Can't Breathe" and 'Black Lives Matter" being shown on a computer screen.

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India.Arie may have written this song in 2018 with Paige Lackee Martin and producer Shannon Sanders, but the social commentary is still on point and as relevant as ever. Learn the words if you haven't already, and sing along with India when you press play.

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