Her Songs Gets ‘Lost’ & Laments Their ‘Luck’ In Love

We’ve covered our fair share of supergroups over the past decade, each incredible in their own right. But since their 2018 debut, Her Songs has stood out for all the right reasons.

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This all-woman band, comprised of singer-songwriters, producers and musicians, features a diverse lineup from around the world. Each year, the core quartet of Marie Dahlstrøm, Dani Murcia, Emily C. Browning and The Naked Eye gather for a musical retreat and invite a featured artist to the jam session. SB fave (and frequent Dahlstrøm collaborator) Emmavie is the latest music maker to create studio magic with the talented crew.

In 2019, the ladies spent a fortnight in Toronto bonding and blending their collective brilliance – culminating in a 4-day recording session yielding 8 songs. The first half of this artistic endeavor was featured on their EP Toronto, Vol. 1. In preparation for the second installment, they’ve released two new tracks that you’ll want to add to your playlist right away.

“Lost A Little” is a lovely piano-driven tune touching on inner growth and self-discovery. Although they couldn’t have predicted it at the time, the lyrics are particularly resonant during these times. Their harmonies offer a temporary escape of being stuck at home/in state/in country as they sing, “Thinking where I’ve been / Thinking where I wanna go / Thinking where I’ll be / In a year or so.” The simple visuals further enhance the feeling of wanderlust as we watch footage of their travels through Canada.

In contrast, “Just My Luck” is built upon infectious guitar chords and quirky percussion as the ladies seek clarity on their relationship status with bae. The instrumentals, sleek production and catchy hook were enough to captivate our ears, but when Dani proceeded to flip it en Español (and later sprinkled un peu de Français), it left us wishing for an extended version of the gorgeous track. Watching the ladies sing along to the track from their respective homes just makes us love them even more.

Both “Lost a Little” and “Just My Luck” will be featured on the forthcoming EP Toronto, Vol. 2. While we wait for the project’s release, revisit Vol. 1 and keep up with Her Songs on Instagram and Twitter.

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