Gregory Porter Soars On A ‘Concorde’ & Celebrates NASA’s Latest Mission

Since the initial announcement of his forthcoming album All Rise, jazz singer Gregory Porter has fueled our anticipation with lovely previews of what’s to come. Following “Revival,” “If Love Is Overrated,” “Thank You” and “Mister Holland,” the artist returns to take us beyond the clouds with his new song “Concorde.”

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Accompanied by lovely piano chords, guitar, percussion and a soaring horn section, the velvet-throated baritone sings about how life on the road – or, in the air in this case – makes his downtime at home that much sweeter. While the song can certainly be viewed as a romantic overture, Porter had a different “love of his life” in mind as he penned the song’s lyrics during one of his many airplane trips. He says, “the most important thing, in everything I do, is getting back down on the ground to my son.”

This powerful bond can be seen in the song’s visuals directed by Tristan Aurouet. Porter is shown preparing to take flight, but his destination isn’t anywhere that can be found on this planet. The singer portrays an astronaut, going about his morning routine in Brooklyn. Meanwhile, a young boy – played by his adorable son, Demyan Porter – dreams of space exploration. As he, too, enjoys his morning walk, he has a special encounter that’s out of this world.

Even before its official release, “Concorde” made quite an impression. NASA officials happened to hear the tune and were moved to invite Mr. Porter to perform for today’s launch of the Mars 2020 Perseverance Rover Mission. After viewing “Concorde,” scroll down to watch his at-home performance of “America, the Beautiful” and pre-order All Rise ahead of its August 28th premiere.

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