Full Crate Gets Personal On New EP ‘In All Honesty’

Full Crate has been working hard this year, keeping us supplied with remixes, original tracks and a #BlackLivesMatter collaboration with rapper Uhmeer. But his new project In All Honesty reveals that his hard work wasn’t confined to the studio. The Dutch artist invites us into his personal space with a collection of eight tunes created through a process of self-reflection.

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Crate describes the EP as “a journey of self-growth, through heartbreak and inner struggles. A journey many will make probably several times in a lifetime.” He also confessed that it forced him to take an honest look in the mirror, revealing that sometimes we’re so focused on treating others with love and respect, yet we neglect to do the same for ourselves. It may sound like heavy stuff, but the journey served as a creative catalyst – pushing him out of his comfort zone behind the DJ desk and giving him the confidence to step up to the mic.

The set opens with the artist offering an olive branch on “Always Here For,” a slinky groove built upon waves of synth, electronic horns, handclaps and a looped drum riff. Next, singer Jaimes helps Crate navigate a faltering relationship on Latin-inspired tune “I’ll Ride.” Previously released singles “Brandy” (featuring Kyle Dion) and “Getaway” (featuring Latanya Alberto and Uhmeer) still give us all the feels, and somehow manage to sound like new when nestled among the other tracks. Producers Jairus Mozee and Aabo step in for “Honestly” as Crate gets transparent and admits his vulnerabilities. The interlude provides the perfect lead-in for our favorite track on the album, “Magnetic.”

Considering that every track leading up to this has been pretty awesome, trust us when we say this song alone is worth the price of admission. On its own, Susan Carol‘s honey-coated voice, a luxurious blend of R&B, blues and gospel, is simply exquisite. Full Crate’s layered arrangement, which includes synth, cricket chirps and guitar, provides added depth without overpowering the incredible vocals. But the inclusion of musician/producer Sergiio and his talkbox shifts the dynamic and transforms the stunning tune into something truly special.

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Acoustic interlude “Vacay” gives a glimpse into the inspiration behind “Getaway” before the set closes with lead single “I’m Trying.” Crate admits that, “Being honest to yourself is a brutal process, creating music while healing yourself is a tough road.” We’re glad he was able to push through and deliver something so beautiful.

Full Crate In All Honesty [Amazon Music][Apple Music][Bandcamp][Google Play]

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