Ego Ella May Captivates Us ‘In The Morning’ As She Makes Her COLORS Debut

Ego Ella May continues to impress. That talented singer-songwriter has had us enraptured for years and we fell deeper in love with her after the release of her debut Honey For Wounds. The album isn’t the only first that she’s taking on though, as she recently made her COLORS debut. What makes it even sweeter is that she brought her dreamy track “In The Morning” with her to mark the occasion.

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“In The Morning” is a jazzy effort well fitting within Ego’s catalog with poetic lyrics that speak to life and love. For the performance, she stands at the studio’s now iconic mic in front of an amber colored background rocking her signature style: hair slicked back into a bun at the nape of her neck and lips painted a muted shade of red. While her performance isn’t that different from most of the artists who have stood in the space, there’s something ultimately captivating about what she brings in the sway of her body and the movement of her hands paired with her unique phrasing and vocal style. It’s enough to have us swooning along to the song’s sultry rhythm from the comfort of our chairs.

Outside of making another first, Ego Ella May is also making fans’ day with a limited signed vinyl release of Honey For Wounds that she’s selling exclusively on Bandcamp. We’d suggest you hurry though, as only 100 copies will be available for purchase. Even if you don’t make it in that number, you can still get caught up in her COLORS performance when you press play.

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