Carolyn Malachi Offers A Jazzy Update Of Phoebe Snow's 'Poetry Man'

Throughout her career, Carolyn Malachi has addressed everything from empowerment to domestic abuse. But whether through song or spoken word, the Bounce-Worthy D.C. native seems to have a soft spot for romantic notions. Since her voice sounds like the melodic interpretation of liquid chocolate, this is perfectly fine with us. And though the Earth seems to be spinning off its axis lately, a little romance is just the distraction we need. Enter Ms. Malachi with her lovely rendition of Phoebe Snow's "Poetry Man."

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The song was actually recorded last year during a student session at American University (where she recently earned her masters degree in Audio Technology). She brought the song home and eventually recorded her own background vocals then mixed the entire track while sheltering in place. The final step was handing it over to engineer Piper Payne to be mastered. Sharing her inspiration to finish and release the track, Carolyn said, "As we adjust to new normals and the realities of change, I wanted to offer something soothing, a break from the noise."

Malachi's luxurious voice acoustically melts over Conley “Tone” Whitfield, Jr.'s understated bass line as she coos, "You make me laugh / 'Cause your eyes, they light the night / They look right through me / La, la, la, la." Dokun Oke begins to fill the arrangement with beautiful guitar strains while Christopher “Biscuit” Bynum's jazzy percussion provides rhythmic undertones. Aaron Hardin's thoughtful piano work makes the composition come alive with brightness and soul. The band allows Carolyn to display the breadth of her range, alternating between breathy whispers and velvety low notes for a modern spin on a timeless classic.

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In addition to popular retailers like Apple Music, "Poetry Man" can be purchased on the Ethereum blockchain via Ujo Music (where artists receive 100% of profit). We hope to hear some more new music soon, but in the meantime, keep up with the brilliant Carolyn Malachi via her website, Twitter and Instagram.

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