Yuna Shares Love From A Distance In ‘Stay Where You Are’

The COVID-19 pandemic took the world by surprise, forcing the entire world to hunker down in order to stay healthy and protect the health of their loved ones. It also made for an interesting situation for artists, who had to find a new way to engage with their fans. It also led to an interesting moment for Yuna, whose single “Stay Where You Are” — which the singer penned last year — took on a whole different meaning when it was released this past May. “This song hits harder right now because we are all isolated in our homes, some even away from their loved ones,” she wrote on her website upon the single’s release. “Though we’re apart, it’s nice to remind each other to just ‘stay where you are’ and when this is all over, we’ll be with each other again.” She’s driving that point even further with the song’s newly released video.

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Yuna asked fans to submit videos of themselves to highlight the need for social distancing and they delivered. Nearly the majority of the video is comprised of fan-submitted videos highlighting the song’s title as a message of social distancing. Even some of her famous friends — including Syd, Leven Kali and Quincy Jones — get in on the act. The rest of the video focuses on absolutely gorgeous videos of a solo Yuna standing against a white wall as she performs the song with conviction and care.

Though it might seem like everyone else in the world has forgotten that are very much at the beginning stages of solving this global health crisis, we suggest that you take heed of Yuna’s message and maintain social distancing guidelines as much as possible. Watch the video for “Stay Where You Are” below.

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