Victoria Monét Learns From ‘Experience’ With Khalid & SG Lewis

Ahead of the release of her debut album, singer-songwriter Victoria Monét gifts fans with a rousing dose of disco-inspired goodness. “Experience” marks the fourth single from her upcoming project and features R&B crooner Khalid and multifaceted hitman SG Lewis. Though the retro dance track makes you want to move, you might just miss the message. Both Victoria and Khalid sing of allowing life experience to teach important lessons. As they bid an unfaithful lover adieu, they declare, “I’m all out of love, you gave it away / I’m hoping that experience can get you to change.”

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With such an infectious groove, it is hard to believe that they thought twice about releasing the track. In a statement they note, “To be honest, we went back and forth about releasing this song because of the disgusting and confusing state of the world.” While we understand that artists might feel the need or even an obligation to offer music that speaks more to the current social turmoil, we can all agree that we need a break. It seems after mulling it all over a bit, they concur and state, “We’ve always used music as a form of escapism from troubling things. This song, though deep in subject matter, sonically feels joyful and celebratory. It is important to us to highlight and celebrate Black joy and love in the middle of so much pain and trauma.”

Unplug from the gloom and glum of today, and get your groove on to “Experience” by Victoria Monét, Khalid and SG Lewis. Add the track to your collection from your preferred digital platform and pre-order Victoria’s forthcoming album Jaguar before its July 31st release date.

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