PJ Reveals More Of Her Journey With ‘Waiting For Paris’

Singer-songwriter PJ might not be a household name yet, but she’s still making waves. The North Carolina artist bubbled up on the scene back in 2016 with her EP Rare and continued to impress in the four years since with singles like “One Missed Call.” She’s ready to reveal even more of herself with her recently released EP Waiting For Paris.

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The first taste of the project came with the call out track “Counterfeit.” A saucy, sassy and quite blunt track, it’s emblematic of the energy that PJ is serving up across the EP’s six tracks. Opener “Privately” eases us into things as she reveals a sexier side while trying to catch a fella’s attention. Helping her do this is an interpolation of the melody from Blackstreet‘s jam “No Diggity,” which gives the track a welcoming feel. After that, she offers a bit more of herself. There’s “I’m Forreal,” which finds PJ letting you know just how true to this she is while talking her ish to a beat that almost veers into hip-hop territory (enough so that guest rapper Lute can easily ride it on his guest verse).

After letting us know who she is, she chills out with “Y’Oh.” The light, airy song finds her confronting her growing feelings while playing shy. What would be a simple ditty is boosted by her inclusion of rapper Symba, who matches her playful energy while putting his own game down in return. “Smoke” is the complete opposite of that light feeling on “Y’Oh” with her singing, “We both know this won’t end well / But you’re pulling me close,” as she expresses her unease with falling in love. Final track “Price Went Up” finds her reclaiming her worth and her time for those who dared to underestimated her. While the grove keeps things smooth, PJ gets bold and brassy as she lets us know that her stock is rising like Apple in the ’80s.

It’s a fitting finale to the set, as it shows that PJ knows exactly where her career is headed. We suggest that you definitely give Waiting For Paris a spin now, as you’ll want to get in on the ground floor of PJ’s eventual rise to the very top.

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