Little Dragon Puts A ‘Rush’ On Us For NPR Music’s ‘Tiny Desk (Home) Concert’ Series

If the world were fair, Little Dragon would have just recently ended their massive world tour right now, and we’d have been front row center experiencing them playing songs from their latest album New Me, Same Us live. Alas, life isn’t fair and we’re still dealing with an unprecedented pandemic. Little Dragon aren’t leaving us high and dry, though. They’ve performed live on YouTube since the album’s release and even checked in with the folks at NPR Music as the latest artists to do the Tiny Desk Concert series from the comfort of their own home.

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The quartet played heavily from their latest album, starting their first Tiny Desk ever with stunner “Rush.” The song crackled with similar intensity in the home setting (which probably has something to do with them having one of the most elaborate home setups we’ve seen). It also helps that singer Yukimi Nagano‘s vocal seldom falters, making this performance seem studio quality all on its own. They continued the vibes with “Where You Belong,” which cooled things down a bit while still showing off the band’s mastery at their craft with its warm, soulful feel. They then surprised by digging all the way in their crates for “Forever,” lifted from the 2007 self-titled debut. The track always had a timeless quality to it and they blew off the dust on the track by playing up the woozy R&B-meets-reggae groove so that it sounds even more haunting. They then brought it all home (or maybe further home?) with New Me, Same Us track “Every Rain.” Perhaps the most pop-leaning song on the set, it’s a fitting closer as it ended the set with a hopeful, effervescent feeling that is honestly much needed at this time.

It’s looking like we won’t get to experience concerts as we knew them for quite some time, so who knows when we’ll be able to enjoy a standing-room-only live Little Dragon set again. We suggest cranking the volume all the way up, pressing play and closing your eyes while swaying to this one in your living room.

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