Jagged Edge Makes Old Love Feel Brand New In ‘Decided’

Fresh off their VERZUZ battle with their cross-town rivals 112, Jagged Edge is back with a new single “Decided.”

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The soulful quartet is known for their relationship jams, and “Decided” is no different. Over a mid-tempo groove, Brian Casey, Brandon Casey, Kyle Norman and Richard Wingo croon about putting their pride to the side in order to get that old thing back. Thankfully, she feels the same way and they decide it’s time to “reboot” the relationship.

Like many other visuals in 2020, the video for “Decided” is inspired by the coronavirus quarantine situation (although there’s no social distancing to be found and way too many extras in these scenes, but we digress). We watch as a couple tries to keep their relationship fresh and exciting while stuck in the house, going on dates to the other side of the house and other cute ideas. Meanwhile, the group is singing their not-so-sad love song in the breezeway of their mansion, surrounded by a bunch of baddies. Unfortunately, as soon as the couple decides to invite a few friends over to break the monotony, they run into some problems, and this time it’s not The Rona.

“Decided” will find a home alongside “Closest Thing To Perfect” and “Genie” on Jagged Edge’s upcoming album, A Jagged Love Story, due out sometime this summer.

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